My technique is that I start working from a certain idea. This is usually not clearly defined.
I start with the general outline, by applying surfaces with paint and sketching lines in it.
By what is on the canvas I let me lead to work it out further.
Sometimes it goes a different direction than I intended, because I suddenly get a better idea about how to proceed. Often I start abstract, but there are figures emerging.
As if the human presence is necessary for me for the inspiration of the painting.

My work is usually abstract-figurative, it is still recognizable but in a different way, because of the abstract forms used, it gets a deeper meaning.

Color is very important to me: the alchemy of color. For me, I can raise a certain mood with this, which is decisive for the painting.
As far as the meaning of a painting is concerned, that is what everyone who looks at it must experience for themselves.

Very important to me are the rules that I have in my head about the relationship of the colors, the balance in the lines, the whole not static but such that the painting takes you on the tour of your gaze through the work, that all that is correct.